Computer Forensics International (CFI) provides our clients a straight-forward cost effective approach to e-Discovery, electronic evidence retrieval, analysis, neutral expert and expert witness services in support of civil, criminal and internal human resources investigations.

Supporting both plaintiff and defense clients, we have broad experience in the following types of matters; labor & employment (sexual harassment, wrongful termination, computer misuse, theft of trade secrets, self dealing), spoilage of evidence, intellectual property, contracts, e-discovery, computer intrusions, family law and criminal cases. CFI also provides Pro Bono services for attorneys and non-profit organizations.
In The News
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CFI Press Releases
Social Media and Messages Are Key In Showing Charlottesville Attacks Were Intentional

Wrongly Accused Carjacker Walks Free Based On Phone and Social Media Evidence

Digital Evidence Has Become the New DNA in Criminal Cases, Says Expert

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